Shell menu on recycle bin problem


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Today I just emptied my recycle bin normally and the eraser shell menu remained black. I now realise this is a bug after searching. But because it remained black I thought my recycle bin had not emptied and clicked on one of the eraser menus to finish it off. It started erasing files even though I now know the recycle bin was empty. I stopped it but am not sure what it managed to erase as various file names where flashing up relating to one of my programs. What have I erased if anything by doing this on an empty bin.
Thanks and Regards Jamie
I don't have the eraser bin context menu installed to be able to check but from memory you wont have done any damage erasing an already empty bin.
Thanks very much for the reply and sorry I have been so long in replying but I have been in Hospital.
Much appreciated
Regards James.
Hi James,

There are not many people who take the time, especially after being in hospital to post back simply to say thank you !

Eraser V6 will be released around Christmas time (I hope) so I think that would be a good time for you to check back here and download it !

Eraser V6 should solve most if not all previous problems as it is a complete re-write of V5.

Hope you get well soon and will be OK etc…