SHGetFolderPathA could not be located in the DLL SHELL32.dll


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I just installed latest Eraser 5.86a on Windows 98SE and when I go to start Eraser I get an error message:

"The procedure SHGetFolderPathA could not be located in the DLL SHELL32.dll"

I have no idea what that means or what to do about it.

I think the system requirements say Eraser is supposed to work with win98, is this correct?

Thank you very much for any ideas for me to try in order to get Eraser to start up on my system.

EDIT: this is my first time ever trying Eraser, so no other versions were installed...should I try and older version?

EDIT: sorry...I just noticed post below about this same I could have continued in that thread.

I am using Windows 98SE. Is there a way to get Eraser 5.86a to work with win98SE?

Thank you.

Try the Beta release in the forum, it should have the problem fixed. Let me know about the results though.

Thanks so much Joel.

Yes the Eraser 5.87 beta 1 does start on windows 98SE and now I'm getting to know how to use it.

Thanks again for the reply and for the idea to use the latest beta.

I have a friend who's running into this same problem. However, version 5.86 is still provided as the latest version. But it doesn't seem to have the fix. Do I still need to use the 5.87 version after all this time? If so, where can I find it on your web site? (IMHO, I think you need to make 5.87 the "latest" version so that people stop running into this problem.)
It's beyond our control, that bit of the Website is Garrett's business website and only he can change it.