shutting down/rebooting after scheduled erase


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It would be extremely useful to me to be able to schedule an "erase unused disk space" task and have the computer shut down or reboot after the task is completed. I see an option for this when I am setting up a new scheduled task, but the option does not save when I close the window. Also, the help file does not mention this option.

Is this a bug? Is there any way to make it work correctly? Thank you,

Are you using Eraser 5.8? This feature has not worked since Eraser 5.8 was released as a beta 6 months ago, shutdown/reboot is not in the help file because they haven't got around to making shudown/reboot work yet.
Thank you for the reply. 5.8 broke this feature? Does this feature work in, say, version 5.7? Thanks again.

I came here looking for advice on this subject too; I thought I was using the program wrongly or something.

Is the status of this issue still the same as above at the moment?

What I'm wanting to do is get Eraser's computer restart or shutdown feature to work after manually running an 'on demand' disk wipe.
I'm not trying to use the 'scheduler' but I'm guessing / assuming the functionality is related.

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