Silent Install, Remove Contextmenu


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As the Topic hints, is there a way to turn the contextmenu off as default? and maybe even remove the contextmenu from the recyclebin (but there already seem to be a topic about that, but since it hasnt been asnwered I ask here aswell)
Yes ive noticed that you can do that manually, but I want a way to do it with a cmd-file or some switch when I install it, it could probably even do with a .reg-file, but I think I dont have enought knowledge to do that without help from here :(
I have Shell extension unchecked and all the recycle bin options for eraser are still showing, yes even after rebooting.
I found a way to remove all those eraser entries in the context menu.
You can do it by editing the registry at this key:
remove the following entries:
erasext2, erasext3, erasext4, erasext5, erasext6 & erasext7

As Always make a backup just in case.
I removed the entries yesterday 8/13 and eraser still working properly.