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I'd like to be able to minimize Eraser when it's being used.

If I right click a file and choose "erase" in explorer, then the eraser window that pops up locks that window in the foreground and you can't minimize it unless you use Win+D but this only works if you want to minimize all other windows. Why must I sit there and stare at Eraser when it's going to take 1 and half hours? I like eraser, but I don't like to stare at it. A simple minimize to taskbar icon would be sufficient.

I can't believe this hasn't been implemented yet. It's so basic. I'd tell you what version I'm using but I can't tell.

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At an educated guess, you are running version 5.8.7. I agree that it's an annoyance that the progress window is modal and stops you minimising the task window. If you start the task from the context menu, at least you are stuck only with the progress window, which is relatively small.

Version 6 has a different user interface, and will minimise when it is running. But it still has some stability issues, and does not work for everyone.

I think I should just find a file shredder to sit next to my clock then.

Thanks for your help.
Text said:
I think I should just find a file shredder to sit next to my clock then
... which is exactly what Version 6 does when its 'Hide when Minimised' option is set.

<rant>And I have (advanced) users complaining that the new v6 workflow is annoying. Go figure. I can't.</rant>