Simply AWSOME... XD


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I just got this software, and I gotta say... WTF are you guys on when you made this. I had to do a recovery or my 2nd HD, cause of problems. I saw that there was 2 sets of files + others. I was thinking OMG. I have to now RMA my WD 40GB HD, but I was worried about my work I do, to leak out. I saw your software, by accident, used it... and BANG, just 1 pass. I did another recovery, and nothing, there was no files to be found. I am amazed by the work you have done. I will definitly support your work on this. I will also tell everyone about this. Just AWSOME!!!
Glad you like Eraser and thanks for the great feedback. Plus thanks for your invaluable feedback with regard to Eraser and Pest Patrol.

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