Simply trying to erase some folders.


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I am trying to remove two different folders and Eraser is not cooperating. One of the folders is located on my desktop, the other is located on a drive that is NOT my main drive (C). When I try to erase the folder on the secondary drive I get the denied access error message. This one is the most frustrating as I created this folder, I had Eraser delete ALL the data INSIDE the folder and now it will not erase, even when I tell it to erase on restart, Eraser does not erase the folder. In reality, I am just trying to remove an icon at this point and nothing is working.
In fact, Eraser doesn't even start when I restart my computer.
When I try to remove the desktop folder, I get an Eraser Shell Extension message: Tasks must contain at least one erasure target. So I put an image file in it and still get the same message.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.