SiS 650 chipset (Boot & Nuke & hard drive life)


I tired to wipe my Western Digital hard drive with Boot and Nuke v1.0.1 using a single a pass. I have a SiS 650 chipset and it took so long (over 10 hours w/o being 30% done) that I had to shut off the PC and abort the attempt. Does stopping the wipe like this harm the hard drive? And will v1.0.2 wipe the drive any faster than v1.0.1? I also want to know if using Boot and Nuke to wipe your drive a couple of times a year with a 7-pass wipe wear it out or cause damage from it heating up?
you think thats bad...

dude, if you think thats bad...

I've been trying to wipe an old 1998 IMB 8.4gb drive and it's been running for 51 hours (a little over 2 days!!) using the Gutmann method and it's only 30% done!!

2 days and only 30% done on an 8.4GB hard drive!! I think theres something wrong, or my chipset gives very slow performance. (i'm using a dell optiplex gx1 computer, p2 400mhz, and 128 mb ram...i'm not sure what motherboard a dell gx1 uses) but I think it's really slow.

by my calculations, I should get my 8.4gb hard drive done in around 6 days!! (~144 hours!)
is that right?? :(

anyway, if anyone knows...or can shed some light??
I emailed the author for help, but he says hes away until march hopefully i can get some help here or if he comes here he (or anyone) can help us out??

Boot and Nuke v1.0.2 is working great with the SiS 650 chipset. I'm at 95% at just over 5 1/2 hours doing a 7-pass wipe on my both of my identical Western Digital 80 GB hard drives with a 8 MB buffer. Thanks for the fix guys!! As far as what to do when a wipe takes too long--> most of the time I grit my teeth and wait it out but I would just turn off your PC at the tower. If you are really worried about your hard drive run a surface Scan Disk or Check Disk after you reinstall Windows. I would suggest to all Eraser users to start using Boot and Nuke v1.0.2.