Slow erase and CPU load is 200%!!!!!!



Except for my problem, DBAN is a great tool.

On two machines, the wipe speed is very, very slow. Additionally, the CPU load shows 200%. The first machine was HT enabled so thought that both virtual CPUs were enabled. However, the second machine is a non-HT enabled CPU.

I read here that DBAN silently falls back to PIO mode when DMA isn't available. When running XP Pro, DMA was not a problem.

Currently, the throughput is 3300 kb/s and from my experience a single pass will take 12+ hours.

Any thoughts? The non-HT machine is a 2.6mhz P4 with an 40gb WD IDE drive. I'm running DBAN 1.0.0 from CD.

Thanks in advance.
Please run the "quick erase" method with "verification off" and send me the log file.

Do you have the new Springdale chipset? Other users have reported that Intel motherboards with the Springdale chipset have performance problems.
I get the same thing. I tested it on a P4 2Ghz system with a 40GB Maxtor drive SIS Chipset. I set it for Quick Erase with out Verification and it takes a LONG time. I have the log file if you need to see it, where do I send it to?

This is what I see it doing. It looks like it is starting out great, the percentage is moving along. Then all of a sudden it pauses for about a min or 2. This is where the CPU sky rockets. When it is running the CPU uses about 40%. Then when it stops moving the hard drive is going but nothing on the screen is showing anything. Then when the screen unfreezes the CPU jumps to 150% to 200%. Then it will start to lower untill it pauses again.

This program seems to work a little different than others I have tried. I been using the Infraworks Sanitizer program personly but the version I have can't see over 32GB of the drive. All of the other programs will load up and the HD is writing constant untill it is over. DBAN doesn't do this, it's like it gathers info and then starts to write and stops to gather info again and starts back up writing again. I am not if it is because it's using Linux or something else that is causing it. Most of the other programs use Caldera Dr. DOS.
You can send the log file to:

The message must contain "DBAN" somewhere in the subject line.

Also include information about your computer:

- Who made it.
- The motherboard model.
- The hard disk model.