slow erasing by version 5.6


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I have been using this software since 2003 and thus am familiar with how it works.

O/S is XP-PRO-SP2 with 768MB Ram on an Athlon XP 2400+ processor and ADSL.

I find that it takes a VERY long time to complete the task of erasing just the 'C' drive.

on the past two occasions I have stopped it after 8 hours and it was only part way through the process.

I have a 3 way partitioned H/D and keep Eraser on a separate drive from the one i want to erase.

I close all running programs using Enditall-2 before I start the erasing.

In the past I have been able to erase unused disc space on the main 'C' drive in approximately 4 hours.

The slow erasing problem is the same one I experienced, when I moved up to Eraser 5.7 and finally un installed it and went back to Eraser 5.6.

This problem with version 5.6 has only recently begun.

Has anyone else experienced this.

I am using the default Gutman process.