Slow or Stuck?

This is the post I was trying to make. Is the problem that it's too long? Even with my test post above, I didn't get any indication that it was actually successful, just
So, I tried to include it here, but that didn't work either.
I've tried posting half of it, which failed.
I hit more options, which gave me an error about html, so now I'm trying with the code editor.
I'm sorry this is yet another post about it being slow.

I set a task going over 12 hours ago to erase the empty space of my system drive. It is currently showing a progress of just under halfway, and appears to have stopped.
Task: C: unused plus recycle bin, no cluster tips, single pass pseudorandom.
HDD 465GB, 7200rpm.
852MB free space
Temp folder:
1800 files in temp folder,
totalling 347GB,
increasing at a rate of 150KB per minute.
Task manager:
CPU between 1.6 and 2.6%,
Disk between 0.8 and 2.6MB/s, and 100% active time.

It is clearly still active, but the numbers don't add up.
A - How is it working at 1MB per second, but the files are only increasing at 150KB per minute?
B - It's clearly been going faster than this, because at 150KB/min it would only have done 108MB in 12 hours, not 347GB.

Any ideas gratefully received.
Well that worked OK. Anyone know what it is about my post that would make it look like html when posted with the rtf editor?
Another 3+ hours, and no change, so I'm going to assume it's stuck, cancel it. Log shows start time of 2310, and it's now 1641, so it's been running for 17.5 hours.
Shortly after my last post, I removed 2.5GB+ of data, after which it appeared to start doing something again, but very quickly returned to doing virtually nothing.
At that time my free space was showing about 3.5GB. For some reason this has increased to over 4GB. I don't know whether there has been a 0.5GB drop in Eraser data - it's still rounding to 347GB, but I don't have the accurate numbers from earlier to compare.
4GB free space.
CPU and HDD still the same.
Still 1800 files totalling 347GB.
Currently increasing at a rate of 12KB/min

Again, any ideas gratefully received.