Slow performance dual 2 duo so suggestion on if this is ok


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I"m using dban 1.0.7, booting from a cd, using a dell inspiron 6400 and it's going really slow. Between 2200kb/s - 2900kb/s. Trying to erase an SATA hitachi 100gb 7200rpm hard drive.

I know there are issuses with dual core but I didn't think it would be this slow. It's been on for 10 hours and only 18% so essentially 2% every hour.

What would happen if I just shut it off and tried to use a different eraser program? I also read somewhere that some people had better speeds with .06 version and that dual core users might as well use a different program? Is it viable to just shut it off and hten use something else because it's going so slow? And If I use this, I wouldn't need to format C: correct?

Should I simply wait out the process? Because I used the autonuke with default options and so if 1 pass takes 50 hours, and it says 1 out of 3....that's going to take 150 hrs which I don't have. I have to return this hard drive back to dell before 10 business days are up or else they'll charge me for the replacement drive.

Sorry about all the questions but thanks for the help in advance.
I dont know how many passes DBAN takes but when im erasing my HD (SAMSUNG 7200 250GB SATA2) on Windows XP x64 with Erase x64, I see somthing near ~66mB/s

Dual Athlon64 4000+ 2GB RAM (400MHz)
The admin here replied to another post about this back in October:
"DBAN is known to be slow on computers with the Intel 945 chipset.

A driver for this hardware will be in the next DBAN release. Until then, use a different product to wipe these computers."