Slow wiping of free space?


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How long would it take a modern sata hard disk with an empty 10GB partition to be wiped?

Roughly? Minutes, hours or days?
Modern drives can achieve a sustained write speed of 40MB/s. 10GB=1024*10=10240MB, time will then be 256 seconds, or 4 minutes 16 seconds. This assumes that you didn't enable cluster tips erasures, which works based on the number of files on your drive.

Are you referring to "erasing" the freespace - or "wiping" the entire disc?

I do a freespace erase every night (7 passes) and it's always done by morning (can't really give you hard and fast time estimates for any given particular size).

My computer has a 160GB HD. I always let it run when I'm done for the night, shutting down all non-essential programs in SYSTRAY, after having run both CCleaner and SBS&D. HTH Pete
Hi spy1

spy1 said:
I do a freespace erase every night (7 passes)

Wow, you are a hardcore Eraser freak !! :shock: ........ :lol:

Can I ask why you choose the 7 pass ? Have you seen or heard of evidence that a single pseudorandom pass is insecure ?