Small Wiping Bug


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From time to time, when wiping multiple files eraser seems to hang on the last file. Canceling the erasing process causes eraser to stop responding and lock up windows explorer.

After a reboot everything is fine, but the file that eraser got stuck on is several Gigs in size, eg: was 24k before wiping ended up as 2,472,916k (~2.35GB) after eraser got stuck wiping it.

From memory this has only happened in eraser 5.7, over various installs of W2k

I'm running Window 2000 Sp4 +all latest hotfixes.

Any one else experienced this
Try turning off Entropy Polling:
1. Click on Edit
2. Select Preferences->General
3. Untick the field 'Enbable background (slow)entropy polling'


I don't believe that is the problem as I have never turned on background entropy polling.

In the settings I have the following enabled

Erasing Report: After erasing unused disk space
Shell Selection: Add item to Explorer context menu

Tasks: Enable running of scheduled tasks
Tasks: Queue over lapping tasks

Logging: Log actions (limit to 10k)
Start scheduler on windows start up

Using Gurmann
Overwrite: Cluster Tip Area
File names (greyed out)
Alternate Data Streams
Perhaps search the Forum for 'Explorer hanging' or something to that affect, I know others have written about issues in relation to that.