Snug Server


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Why is there no support forum for snug server? I have emailed the company twice now with no answer. I thought I could at least use a forum.
Your messages must have gotten caught in our spam queue for some odd reason. Either way, we have not received any of your messages.

Please email your question to and we will watch out carefully for it plus check the spam queue.

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I installed the newest version of snug server ( you sent me an update about a month ago), After the new installation , the program would not run. Just gave me an error every tim e i tried to start it.
I took screen shots of the error and sent them to you the first time, but don't have those anymore and have since uninstalled the app and installed an older version.
Any idea's?
Can you email us so that we can do a search for your emails in our mailing system.

Thank you.