Software to Erase files on an old DOS machine?


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An old legacy DOS machine is running some files daily that we would love to erase. Is there a version of Eraser that works from a DOS command line prompt:

e.g. "erase C:\somefile.txt"

I believe it is DOS 6.22 - If not, can anyone recommend any old software that will do the job?

Many thanks!
Eraser 5.x contains an eraserl.exe file which is intended to run from a Command prompt, but whether that includes DOS 6 I cannot say, and have no means of checking. If you download and unzip eraser 5.88 portable, you should be able to get the eraserl.exe and associated files on a floppy, if you dont include eraser.exe, which definitely needs Windows. Good luck!

eraserL still needs Windows. Earlier versions had eraserD for DOS, but that's unsupported now (as with the rest of Eraser 5)

If you can't get hold of eraserD, perhaps you can connect the disk drive externally to a Windows machine and use Eraser from there.
We were looking for something that we could run daily from the machine itself so eraserD sounds like it would be perfect. Will hunt around the net for it now...

Many thanks for your replies.
If it helps, I think the old 5.7 distribution had a copy prebuilt.