Sol. clarify: HDD freespace gone after running eraser


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Locate the folder name you want to delete files from & write down the folder name exactly as displayed including spaces, etc.
- Click RUN
- Type CMD.EXE
- Click OK
- NOTE -- A DOS window will pop up
- Type CD\
- Press ENTER key (returns you to the root directory on your default drive)
- Type DEL "C:\FOLDERNAME\**" (including the quote marks)
- NOTE -- Substitute C with your desired drive letter
- NOTE -- Substitute FOLDERNAME with the name of the folder exactly as displayed including spaces, etc.

- Press ENTER key (the delete process will begin immediately)
- NOTE -- Pressing CTRL + BREAK should halt the process at any time prior to completing the process
- When process completes, type EXIT at the DOS prompt
- Press ENTER key (to close DOS window)

These instructions are for Windows XP. Vista and Windows 7 users may find that they need to open an elevated command prompt; rich1696 has also kindly provided the following instructions and links.

Instructions for accessing the elevated command prompt in Windows Vista & Windows 7 are at the following links:

Windows Vista: Use Method 3 at the link below ... Vista.html


As instructions indicate in first line above is clear; however, the question is: How do I locate a folder that I need to delete in order to remove the files that Eraser program put on my c: drive in erasing free space when no clear description of this folder's name is provided? Here is a copy what the elevated command prompt displays:


Volume in drive C is OS
Volume Serial Number is

Directory of C:\

12/25/2010 03:17 AM 8,338 aaw7boot.log
11/04/2010 01:01 PM <DIR> ATI
12/29/2010 04:57 AM <DIR> BywifiSave
02/03/2011 03:10 PM <DIR> BywifiShare
12/30/2010 07:39 AM <DIR> data
12/26/2010 09:27 AM 2,804,200 pas.log
07/13/2009 10:20 PM <DIR> PerfLogs
02/15/2011 08:58 PM <DIR> Program Files
02/17/2011 10:16 AM <DIR> Program Files (x86)
12/08/2010 01:40 PM 1,301 RHDSetup.log
12/28/2010 12:06 PM <DIR> swsetup
02/16/2011 02:53 AM <DIR> Users
02/18/2011 09:25 AM <DIR> Windows
02/16/2011 12:07 AM <DIR> Xr3sJgiNR`]hc~pf)W
3 File(s) 2,813,839 bytes
11 Dir(s) 3,340,955,648 bytes free


Do you see a file that solution applies to? The file labeled Xr3sJgiNR`]hc~pf)W is probably Jing file, but i am not certain.

You have correctly identified the folder to delete, and can further confirm that (1) by looking at the contents, which should all be randomly named files, and (2) looking at the time stamp on the folder, which should correspond with your use of Eraser.

The point is that the folders/files are named randomly, and nothing else on the drive will have quite such random names, as all other file names have some meaning.