Some advanced help please


New Member
I am trying to perform some customizations and am having some minor trouble. I was hoping someone out there could give me some hints, at least.

The two things i am working on are:

1. I am trying to change the way logging works. I run most systems without a floppy, and would ideally like to see the logfile on the screen at the end of the wipe. I downloaded the source code, but have been having some trouble finding where to locate this option, or how to change it.

2. I am also hoping to be able to network boot DBAN. I, however, am a noob when it comes to linux. So far I have a tftp server set up, and think i could get DHCP set up ok. I am looking for any advice at all on pxelinux, though. I assume it is easier to network boot this from linux rather than windows?

Thank you