Some questions



Hello, i m quite new at DBAN (totally noob in fact)..

I ve a 60 Go Maxtor Hard disk i would like to get back .. No software from Maxtor could help me so, i m trying DBAN now..
(For details, it s a Maxtor Diamond Plus 9 , 6Y060L0 model, and i get a "de68d661" error with their software Power Max)..

I launched DBAN around 1 hour agro, and here is what i get :

00.03 %, round 1 of 1, pass 1 of 3 writing, 24850 Kb/s .. => This speed goes down slightly still the start..

Is everything "normal" ? :)

Thanks for help :)
1 hour 37 mins since start...

The speed is now around 13254 B/s ... CPU time is 1% since start...