some suggestions


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Firstly, congratulations for this powerful and "right working" tool and detailed documantation.

I have some suggestions:
1. Do you add Low Level Format function?

2. "Erase" option is very very dangerous for new users in the context menü (right-click).
Do you add a warning message for "Erase" option and others?
Additional, you can add some options like "immediately run","manually run".

3. "Task Name" cannot rename in "Edit Task".
1. What do you mean by Low Level Format?
2. The context menu now triggers a confirmation dialog. This is implemented in 6.2
3. I'll check and get back to you.
I managed to change the name of a task in the latest trunk for both Eraser 6 and Eraser 6.2. What version are you using?
unstepbystep said:
2. I mean "disk reinitialization" by Low Level format.
I think so, the most reliable way is LLF for securely erase (although dangerous).
Subject to anything Joel may say, I'm pretty sure this is not possible. Eraser works through (and with) the file system. Again subject to correction, I suspect that the main difference between what Eraser would do when erasing free space and an LLF is that the latter might access bad sectors, which are of course not accessible to the file system. If that is correct, then for most users it will not represent a big increase in security.

Hi, David
Sorry, I'm late for answer.

As an option; I suggested Low Level Format (LLF) instead of the ERASE option for only "External Disks".
Of course, if I want to "delete" their file system. If I don't want to "delete" their file system,
I use the ERASE option for "only unused spaces".

I hope I'm not misunderstanding what you mean by a 'low level format'. The development versions of Eraser have already implemented a one step drive or partition erase for non system drives/disks. That is, I believe, as close as Eraser can get to a complete 'low level format', because, as I said, it works through the file system, which sits on top of the the hardware layer accessed by a true low level format. But, as I also said, I don't think that this is a serious problem in practice.