Something way unexpected


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Hello all,

I've been using erasor but I keep getting an error message that says "Internal error, something way unexpected just happened" when I try to erase un used disk space on my drive. File erasing works fine. XP, AMD 64 bit, 120 GB HDD SATA, gforce 6600, nforce 250gb chipset. Anything you can do to help would be great.

Thanks in advance
You received this error message, because for some strange reason, either Eraser couldn't find an overwriting method for erasing unused disk space (make sure one is selected in preferences), or the overwriting thread crashed unexpectedly (cannot help you with that one). If nothing else helps, you could try reinstalling the program.
turns out that you cannot overwrite more than once with psudorandom data on "erase un used disk space". perhaps this is a bug. i set the number from 5 back to 1 and it works now.
That's strange, I remember being able to use more than one pass of pseudorandom data for unused disk space. Is anyone else here experiencing the same problem?