SourceForge Download Page - For Garrett


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Hi Garrett,

You may want to take a quick look at Erasers SourceForge download page. The 5.5.4 release is listed in the 5.6 category section (above the actual 5.6 release). Also, the 5.6 release notes seem to have been lost on SourceForge when 5.6a was released (and, of course, the 5.5.4 release notes are missing because their section header is missing). Finally, from what I have read in other posts, the toolbar icons are still mixed up in the 5.6a release.

Hope this info is helpful to you! Thanks again for all the wonderful things you do! [:)]
Thanks for the update.

I am upgrading some more of the icons with the help of another user.
Once that is complete I will release a new version.

There seems to be some issue with the sourceforge releases as some users report download problems on some links.