Speeding up dnab


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I'm working with my school and we have to get rid of about ~160 hd ranging from 15gb to about 45gb. If we want to sell them at a surplus auction instead of drilling a hole through them and throwing them in a landfill we have to format them. is there an easy way to speed up dnab or connect a large number to a single computer and leave it on overnight. Almost no one comes to the surplus auction so we can usually get a big box of 50+hd for like $10 and try out things like raid0 with 12 harddrives or just swap out hds instead of formatting when trying out different distros. so can u hook up like 8 at once or soemthing like that, or make it just do 1 wipe pass. The only important thing is that it cant come with any school data like names or grade related things. The IT person already drilled over 200 10gb hds when we got replacement computers. Also if u have any cool ideas for things to do with a very large number of hds that would be great.
the latest dban beta has usb support (hooray!!!!!) and many modern computers have 4 or more usb2 ports each of which can be plugged in to an hdd with a suitable adapter and wiped as if they were internal...thanks to the usb support i can now wipe 9 drives at a time 3 internally and 6 on usb ports and if you can get enough usb->ide adapters i'd suggest the same as it requires minimal fiddling around with the computers internals. Also as many have mentioned, 1 random pass before formatting is probably all you need but i'm a fiend and set mine for 99 ;) as Dban is a great drive tester ..

ps Dban absolutely rocks. Now with usb i'm just frothing at the bit to get my next shipment of hdds :D
Or you could get a PCI IDE card and tack 4 hdds in that way, that's my latest upgrade now i can do 14 drives at time, but then I am a DBAN fiend

Did 100 wipes using PRNG on a couple of 80GBdrives, took 3 days but it was worth it haha!