Speeding up Your Computer


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This is a short guide that will walk you through a couple steps that will help speed up your computer.

1. Startup Processes

* Go to: Start>Run>Type "msconfig"(without the quotes)
* Go to the Startup Tab
* Uncheck any processes you don't use at startup(e.x. Quicktime, AIM, MSN)
* Click Apply then Restart

2. CCleaner
CCleaner is a great little application that deletes cookies, clears cache, empties your recycle bin, etc.

* Download CCleaner(from google)
* Iinstall CCleaner then Run Cleaner it(note: This will clear your cookies which means your saved passwords and usernames will be gone)
* Go to the Registry tab and Scan for Issues
{*]After its finished scanning click>Fix selected issues...>Fix All Selected Issues>Ok. Continue this process until scanning brings about no issues.

3. Bootvis.exe

* Download bootvis.exe(from google)
* Install bootvis.exe
* In the toolbar go to Trace>Optimize System. The system will reboot after 10 seconds.
IIRC Bootviz only works on XP, not sure though.

I use "Auslogics BoostSpeed" (costs about 20.04 EUR, and you can test it for about 15 days I think) but it's a very good program that includes many different tools... the one's I like most "Auslogics Disk Defrag", "Auslogics Internet Optimizer", "Auslogics One Button Checkup", "Auslogics OS Protector", "Auslogics Registry Cleaner", "Auslogics Registry Defrag" and "Auslogics Tweak Manager". Their are more tools available in the package, but this are the most useful to me. Includes tools for erasing files, folders and disk's but I still prefer Eraser for this type of operations because it's in the Explorer shell.

Another tool I use to speed up my computer is the free "Mz Ultimate Tweaker" it contains several options to speed up the computer... this is a more advanced tool, for more advance users, but includes a good help file to guide any user.

Trough the years I found out that the running programs in memory are does that make the computer more slow... from does legit, the worst ones are the "Anti-malware" programs. I do recommend the free Anti-malware from Microsoft (Security Essentials), the free Anti-malware from Panda Security (Panda Cloud Antivirus) both this products are for free for personal use only. A good paid one for me is Avira Premium Security prices start at € 39.95/1year/1PC, but is a very good program... you need to custom the options to best suit your needs but once custom it will work great.

Note: this are programs I like, I will not earn any money or special advantages for promoting them here... this are programs that I have installed, I like and recommend to others.
Hi friends

I am not a computer novice, I've done many things to improve my computer performance. within a little time it became slow..

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My computer has been giving me problems i'll try and use the procedure above got to clean it as soon as possible thanks for the procedure.
You can use various software like krojam cleaner to boost up start up speed. You can also run disk cleanup for your C drive. Thanks..
1. Limit how many programs run at startup
2. Run fewer programs at the same time
3. Make Ready Boost your friend
4. Troubleshoot
5. Clean your hard drive
6. Check your hardware
7. Keep your PC up to date
8. Adjust visual effects

The best way to speed up your computer is given below: -
  • Remove temporary files from the system by using %temp% in CMD
  • Use Ccleaner to delete the unnecessary registry from the system.
  • Uninstall the unwanted applications from the system.
  • Update all the applications or softwares up to date.

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Here are some steps mentioned, which you should take in order to speed up your Pc.
  • Uninstall unnecessary software
  • Limit the programs at the startup
  • Add more RAM to your PC
  • Check for spyware and viruses
  • Use Disk Cleanup and defragmentation
  • Consider a startup SSD