Assuming you have the correct name of the application here,would you kindly post a link to "Spykiller" so that we can all have a good laugh?
Hi all,

We've had this issue with PestPatrol saying Eraser was Spyware etc. We contacted them and they replied saying the following:

Hello Finola,

After an evaluation by our Research group, we have confirmed that our product was incorrectly detecting your product Eraser as a pest.

All references to your product has been removed from our database.

Assuming there are no problems found in Quality Assurance, a new set of .dat files will be published by end of day Friday, November 12, from which all references to your product will have been removed.

Please let us know if you experience any further problems with our software incorrectly detecting yours or if you have any additional questions.


Threat Manager
Computer Associates Int.


We had the same issue with SpyGuard and they said they too were going to fix this issue in their next release.

With SpyKiller, it's the same...Eraser is Not Spyware and if you can forward me the contact details plus screenshots to support@heidi.ie I will email them and get this resolved.

Thanks for your observation :wink: and fear not, Eraser is clean.

Best regards,

Finola (Eraser Support) :D