Spyware detected in download!


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I just downloaded Eraser v 5.81 from


The file I downloaded was "eraser581setup.exe" see link below:


When I executed it my Spyware checker immediately detected "aSpy 2.11" being loaded to memory. "aSpy 2.11" is described as
the universal program-spy that gives you the possibility to watch a user work on the computer in your absence.

It is intended for latent supervision of a computer. Carries out the following actions: creates a key log, remembers opening and closed windows, watches
ClipBoard content, takes screenshots.
What the heck is this? A site which claims to provide a security tool and then places spyware into the downloads?

An explanation is in order, please.... :evil:
I'm sure that - before you came here to this forum and started tossing around accusations of spyware in Eraser downloads from SourceForge - you sent in the detection to the makers' of your "Spyware checker" (whatever program that might be) and confirmed that the detection you received from it was not, in fact, a false positive, right? Pete
there seems to be a number of spyware checking programs that keep returning these false positives - there's even a current thread on the go at the CCleaner forums about some spyware program picking up on CCleaner as spyware / trojan.

One of the knowledgeable posters there has detected that the particular false positive is coming from a detection of the NSIS installer / uninstaller - which is actually hosted on sourceforge (does Eraser use this?). there's nothing wrong with the installer or the program, it's just the spyware program (in this case, Telus Security Services) returning the false positive. Apparently this problem is happening with other vendors too, having similar problems wuith the uninstaller. Once notified they soon fix it.

I don't normally link to other boards, especially for other programs but here's the thread


(if I shouldn't link, mods please remove the last paragraph, thanks).
Eraser uses inno setup. We have scanned the 5.82 release with all the latest AV and spyware apps and it reports clean in all cases. So did 5.81.