Stable version error


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Downloaded & installed current stable version in the website. Did one erasing blank space job of samsung 1tb usb external drive. A few days later, while relocating couple gig bites of data from external to internal drive, computer automatically remove USB hard drive from external device list and turn off with a long beep without typical window shut down procedure. Then unusually long booting time of around 10 min. Window opening sound in the beginning echoes. Cannot write to my main internal hard drive. Can read even though much slower. Tried many pc remedies with no success. Only after uninstalling the whole program, my pc operate in usual parameter. Perhaps its because of my win xp black Ed.

My poor troubled comp spec
P4 3.2 ghz
2gb ram
WD 160gb SATA
Win xp black edition
What's Windows XP Black edition?

I don't see how Eraser can slow down your computer to that extent. The next time that happens, if you still want to use Eraser, perhaps you can describe in greater detail. Currently, I'm tending towards believing it's a transient hardware problem (though uninstalling Eraser shouldn't have helped then), but Eraser will not be doing anything on your computer unless it's erasing something.