StandAlone Zero-Filling Free Space Script


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Hi All,

This may not be the right place for this question, so if it's not I apologise.

I have written an AutoIT Script which utilises the eraser.dll, eraserl.exe , verify.exe and the eraser registry key for the methods library to zero-fill all free space on any selected drive under WinXP. This operations results in much smaller image files when using an imaging program such as g4u. I have packaged the libraries and script within a stand-alone exe file, which can be run directly on a machine just prior to imaging. It dynamically creates the registry entries, writes the eraser dll & exe's into a temp dir, runs the zero-fill task, then removes the registry entries and temp files to leave the PC just as it found it. MUCH easier and quicker than installing, configuring, running and uninstalling the full Eraser package.

Following is the source code for the script, and proposed content of the readme file which can be viewed when the script is run.

My question is, are the Eraser authors comfortable with me offering the standalone exe on the internet to others for use during the imaging process?


Bill Suthers

Unfortunately, as soon as I try and include the script code or the readme file content, I get a 'No Post Mode Specified' error and cannot proceed. Can anyone can explain what I am doing wrong? (maybe too long?) And if anyone wants the files please e-mail me on bsuthers_at_stjosephs_dot_twb_dot_catholic_dot_edu_dot_au