start eraser when I want it to run


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I am used to the earlier versions of eraser. Is it possible to set it so it does NOT start by itself and to NOT schedule any tasks to run at a given time and day?

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No, but it will be in future. Please read the FAQ.

Thanks for the reminder about CCleaner, which some people will find easier to use for this purpose than msconfig.exe.

If one does as you suggest, you will disable the Eraser scheduler, so this is not something to do if you make use of the scheduling facility. Also, if you do use Eraser, either from the program window or from the context menu, Eraser will work normally, but the running process (and taskbar icon) will remain active when you have finished using the program, unless you explicitly close it again.

Personally, I have never found it necessary to make this tweak (except for test purposes), as I have yet to detect that Eraser has any noticeable effect on system performance when its running process is idle.