Start up problem with Eraser


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I just downloaded Eraser 5.86, and installed it on my computer with Windows 98SE. I have NEVER had a previous version of Eraser.

When I try to start Eraser directly (i.e. Eraser.exe) I get the following error message:

Error Starting Program
The Eraser.Exe file is linked to missing export SHELL32.DLL:SHGetFolderPathA

When I click "OK", I then get the following error message:

A device attached to the system is not functioning.

However, SHELL32.DLL is in my C:\Windows\System directory.

Yet when I right click on a Windows Explorer entry, Erase (and Erase Secure Move) are displayed on the drop down menu. When Erase is selected from this drop down, the program seems to function just fine.

Eraser Verify opens just fine when I start it directly.

Any idea what the problem might be, and how to fix it?

Thanks in advance,