Started wiping, but need to restart. HELP!


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I couldn't find another topic such as this one so here goes.

I made a big booboo. I ran DBAN from a floppy, and am currently wiping using the Gutmann Wipe. That's the normal part. However, I somehow managed, without my knowing or intent, set it for THIRTY THREE ROUNDS!Personally, I don't want to hang around that long to use my computer seeing as it's been about 3-4 ours already and it's only on pass 7 of 35 in round one. Someone please give me some good news and inform me that there is indeed a way to abort or restart. I'm desperate.

DBAN cannot be interrupted after the wipe starts.

Push the reset button and restart DBAN with the intended wipe, or wait for the first round of the Gutmann method to finish.
Thanks for the reply.

Ok, so after the first round is done ill just restart my computer and ill be good to go. If no one replied that's what I was going to do anyway, but I feel much better about it now. Thanks dajhorn!