still able to retrieve after erasing free space...?


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After running eraser's 7 passes DoD erase on free space, i was still able to retrieve deleted data with undelete software like diskinternal's uneraser or photorec...

Hmmm wat should be done so that my already deleted data cannot be retrieved?

Funny thing -- with photorec on the retrieve from free space option i got no files, but i was able to retrieve deleted stuff (>>100) from the whole partition option.

These retrieved files had been deleted w/o eraser, but i've already erased free space with eraser's DoD 7 passes option.

maybe u guys can try it out....


wats the use of eraser damn.... if i'm doing something wrong wat is it?
When you did the freespace erase did you first clear the recycle bin and purge and files from any unerase applications you were running?

I have just tested this with the latest eraser on a USB external 1 TB Drive.

Steps as follows:
Created 2.5Gig of files.
Deleted them from explorer.
Emptied the recycle bin.
Ran a freespace erase.
Ran Photorec.

Photorec created thousands of files with random names as 'recovered' yet none contained any real data - just rubbish.

Did your files contain real data? or are you selling one of these recovery apps?