Stop identity theft by using Eraser regularly!


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Have you ever had your identity stolen? I HAVE! NEVER AGIAN!

I read here about people concerned that using Eraser could be used as evidence against you - WHAT RUBBISH!! I realize there have been cases similar to this, but the person must have been a moron or had an idiot for an attorney.

I use my computer for webmail, on-line bill paying, on-line banking, on-line brokerage services etc. I wipe all sensitive files files and logs, swapfiles and all free space from my hard drive every day! All it takes someone to gain access to your computer while you are away, either remotely or perhaps physical access and they may be able to extract passords, account numbers or other private data from left over file fragments that have not been completely deleted OR from your swap file.

Someone said if you were doing that was like flushing evidence down the toilet - WHAT A LOAD OF BULL! You have every right to protect yourself from identity theft and you are stupid, (like I WAS), if you don't!

Have a good firewall, use SpyBot Search and Destroy, use AdAware, good virus protection and use Eraser to securely delete all data from your private financial transactions and private email.

HTTPS only protects the data comming into your computer, your computer decryptes it to HUMAN READABLE FORM. Don't be fooled by the fact you are on a 'secure' connection. Even with most 'secure' connections, IE will tell you that you will be viewing both 'secure' and 'unsecure' data.

Spending a few extra minutes every day on keeping your system secure may save you from a major nightmare if your identity is stolen!