Stop starting with windows


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thanks for a great program - I’m just an end user from dos days - filling the file names on a fee space wipe is a great idea - thanks.
I would like to NOT have Eraser start with windows - I can't see an option for this. I like the idea of having a shortcut that I drop too. I use diskkeeper undelete - they are about to have a big upgrade but since I retired I just keep up with all the paid program updates. Well done the whole thing about HDD has been getting more & more complex you have done very well. 1st we want a fast system that looses nothing then we want a system that has evidence that we did anything on it :)
The option not to have Eraser start with Windows is already in the pipeline for Version 6.2. In the meantime, you can use msconfig to disable Eraser starting at startup. The running process will then only start when you invoke Eraser. It will, however, continue running until you explicitly exit Eraser from the system tray icon (which you can also do at any time if Eraser starts with Windows).

You do of course need the running process if you schedule tasks to run at particular times.

I'm not sure exactly what you mean by a 'shortcut I can drop'. You can drag and drop files for erasing on to the Eraser schedule window; this enables you to see what you are doing better than context menu erasing, which in Version 6.0.9 has no confirmation dialog.