Strange error with starting up app


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Hi guys, I tried few times to uninstall and intsall application again but each time I starting up strange error is encountering, details below. Just wanted to add that was using Eraser more than 6months and never had such a issue so far.. could someone help me pls

EventType : clr20r3 P1 : eraser.exe P2 : P3 : 4fbad9e6
P4 : mscorlib P5 : P6 : 5174dd4c P7 : 15c P8 : 51
P9 : system.argumentoutofrange

Is this error on the screen or in the windows event log?

Have you tried obvious things like running windows update?

uninsall and delete %appdata%\local\eraser 6 then reinstall. What happens?

If you go to program files in explorer and then eraser and execute the exe by dbl clicking on it do you get the same error?