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After I activate 'Erase Unused Space' on a drive it creates a folder with names like: z,2SrhR,ii7f(fV1z'. Inside the folder there are hundreds of files (hundreds of mb's in size) that have no extension.

Is this normal?

Im guessing this has been answered before but I coudnt find it after searching.


OS:xp sp3)


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Potato Head said:
Is this normal?
It's not normal, but, unfortunately, it is fairly common with version 6.0.7 (which is probably what you have - see Help|About to confirm). The folder in question contains the (random nonsense) files that Eraser is using to overwrite the free space on the drive. When the drive starts to get full, Windows can over-react and shut Eraser down before it has a chance to complete the task.

The solution is fully documented in the FAQ, but basically, you can just delete (not erase) these files to recover the space they take up.

Since 6.0.7 was released, a good deal of work has been done on the problem, and I haven't, as yet at least, encountered it in the recent development builds.