Strange time differences.


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When I do a 1pass pseudorandom free space wipe, on a 250GB notebook and a 320GB desktop, the finalization time difference is about 3.5 times slower for the notebook. Nearly everything between the two is identical, processor, RAM amount, OS config, version of Eraser, first with 5.86a then 5.87 on both, entropy polling disabled.

For the 320GB desktop it takes only 90 minutes, but for the 250GB notebook a staggering 333 minutes (both in safe mode). Is the only reason for this, the RPM difference? Something like 5400 and 7200, its unlikely because 5400 x 3.5 is not 7200 ( S.M.A.R.T errors or bad sectors, is ruled out also for both).
Notebooks are always slower, have you considered that there may be different amounts of free space on each computer also do you have cluster tips enabled on one and not the other ?
You mean slower, because of less RPM?

Ironically there was even more free space on the 320GB desktop and less RAM.
Eraser is deliberately configured in exactly the same way on each machine, so I was able to rule things out.
I maybe have the explanation for the time difference, VC2005 redistributable could have been overwritten by some program Ive used on the laptop earlier. I will reinstall Eraser and have a look. Or can Eraser run smoothly without VC2005 redistributable?
Actually try running Eraser on both in normal mode (not safe mode). I think this may be a driver issue.
When both were running in safe mode when the huge time difference occurred, why try normal mode. What about VC2005 redistributable in post 6:13 pm ?
why try normal

Because I seem to remember something about this before and it turned out Eraser needs some drivers that windows loads when in normal mode.

As far as I remember it should be much quicker to perform the full free space wipe in normal mode. You could kill unnecessary processes first if you like and perhaps disable AV software etc.
Reinstalled 5.87 on three different machines. On a 160GB 1pass takes 563 minutes in safe mode. Maybe Ill have to wait for a new beta, because 5.86a doesn't shutdown after erasure. In normal mode Comodo firewall's CPU explodes when I use Eraser, because it puts every erased file on the "my pending files" list. The two are simply not compatible. Therefore I was running Eraser in safe mode in the first place, Comodo service agent cant be shutdown in normal mode.

Thanks for your help.
Overwriter said:
In normal mode Comodo firewall's CPU explodes when I use Eraser.

Disable it when you wipe your free space with Eraser.
Comodo agent can only be disabled if you remove it from startup and then reboot, disable network connection only then I'm able to use Eraser in normal mode. I don't want to do this every time I use Eraser. But only this time, to test if this makes any time difference.
I went back to the old Comodo firewall after experiencing so much trouble with the new version.
Overwriter said:
I went back to the old Comodo firewall after experiencing so much trouble with the new version.

It works, now 500 minutes is 78 minutes on the 160gb, I will run it on the other systems tonight.

Off topic, the new Comodo Release Date: March 27, 2008 just half an our ago.

* FIXED! CFP.exe could be terminated using EndTask API
* FIXED! When the firewall alerts were disabled, all the traffic was blocked.