Stupid Question


New Member
I have downloaded the stable version and have a very nubie question.
Where are the instructions on how to use this?
I've been all over the Eraser site and this forum and am either blind or looking for the wrong thing.
If someone can let me know where I can find instructions on how to use this I would appreciate it.
Just run the exe?
Create a floppy or cd and boot to it?
These programs always work differently.
Anyway if someone could let me know I would appreciate it.
This is something that worries me, too. I don't think that Eraser has yet got that first user moment quite right. It's very easy once you've done it, but that's not altogether helpful to know ...

There is a well written PDF manual, some of the more esoteric bits of which are still incomplete, but which provides all a new user might need. If you have Adobe Reader installed on your machine, click on Help and the manual will open. I'm afraid I don't know what happens if you use another Reader (e.g. Foxit).

For problems and issues you encounter, the FAQ on this forum (link below). I have recently put an 'index' post at the top of the list, which provides links to threads dealing with the more common issues.

Do come back if you have a specific question.