Suggested changes to the Eraser Forum


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Hi Admin

Firstly thank you for hosting Eraser ! It is a very useful security program everyone should use.

I appreciate this is my first post and I suppose it is a little cheeky of me to make suggestions straight away but I was wondering if you would consider the following suggestions please ?

Would it be possible to change the Eraser forum a little ? Could we have some new topic titles such as:

Submit Code. In this area people can paste their code onto their post for peer review before you implement it into Eraser. Hopefully this will speed up the code submission process and checking.

Programming Problems or Code Request. This area could be where you could post current problems you are having with the code in Eraser. This way people could read your queries and hopefully help you out.

Bug Report This is where people can report bugs quickly and easily. It will also be much easier for you to see new problems arising without having to trawl through every post on the forum.

User Problems. This is where people can ask how to do something with Eraser or how to install etc.

Suggestions For Updates. You already have this and it is a great place for people to make suggestions.

Contributors Page. Perhaps in a way to encourage people to help you more you could make a sort of thank you page for users who contribute to the code in Eraser. Maybe you could put their name up and a brief explanation of the work they have done, new feature or bug solving perhaps.

I do hope you will consider my suggestions and please keep up the work on Eraser it is such a useful tool.

Your suggestions are noted we have reactivated some
old forums and added others as per your message.

I think it will make things a lot easier :)

Hi Garrett

Thank you very much for adopting some of my suggestions. I hope the changes to the forum help both yourself and the development of Eraser.

Having read through some old threads I can see that you are in need of some help as there must be a tremendous amount of work to do running this forum and writing code for Eraser.

Have you approached anyone for assistance or advertised for help ? I believe Eraser may be too much work for someone on their own. Perhaps a College or University where students may be enthusiastic to get programming and offer code ? I wonder if there would be anything to gain by advertising for help on some security and programming forums ?

Good luck with the new topics and as I said before thank you for your efforts with Eraser.
>>Have you approached anyone for assistance or advertised for help ?
Yes and the cavalry never came :)

Hi Garrett

I am sorry to learn that you have had little if any help. Can I ask where you advertised for help ?

Eraser has such a reputation I find it hard to believe that there isnt a queue of programmers itching to get involved and help you.

Have you tried some security forums etc ?

How about making an appeal on the download page so anyone downloading Eraser will at least know that help is needed and they may know someone who is in a position to help you out.

Anyway thank you very much for the work done so far.