Suggestion for browser history overwrite etc


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Hi, I was hoping to suggest a feature I believe would be extremely valuable to the Eraser program, a complete History, Temp folder, ETC overwrite feature, such as cCleaner but by using the overwrite process to securely get rid of that data.
Also I wonder if this same thing would be useful for removing Registry Entries too.?

Also, what about files that have already been "Deleted" via right click, delete, empty trash, a way to tell eraser to over write already deleted files would be nice too, so anything that has been, Unofficially delete like most people often do it, could be overwritten.

Your second suggestion is what wiping free space on the drive actually does. Also, obviously, if the 'deleted' file is in the Recycle Bin (which is where most will be by default), the contents of that can be erased, including via the context menu.

Your first suggestion is already planned, I hope for the next 'upgrade' release. The idea is that plugins would be developed to allow pre-programmed erasing of defined sets of files, rather in the manner that CCleaner currently works, but with Eraser's more customisable erasing capabilities.