Suggestion for Eraser -- Firefox plugin


Hello, Erasers,
Here's a suggestion for Eraser developers: an Eraser plug-in for Firefox that lets you run a secure erase for any and all cache, history and cookie clearing, rather than the usual delete. Perhaps it could even do an automatic Erase, rather than the normal delete, when Firefox's cache reaches its limit and it automatically gets rid of older material.

What do you think?
could be a handy option but as an alternative I tend to set up a schedule to do the wiping of those files.
Great idea

I have to agree that this is a great idea. Perhaps have it act similar to the X extension ( where you click a toolbar button and have the option of wiping several things.

While having a schedule to wipe those things may work for some, I like to "clean up" when exiting the browser and sometimes while browsing.