Suggestion: Progressive Erasing


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I noticed that during the erasing cycle that Erase completes its regimen for the first file before moving to the second. During a hasty erase, this means the first files to be erased are securely erased, but the remainder, while deleted, haven't be erased at all.

I recommend that eraser be reconfigured for an option to overwrite the entire filespace of all files to be erased with each leverl of erasure before proceeding to the next pass. This way, at the very least all files have been hit with a simple erasure in minimum time. When time permits later, the user can always choose to clean hard drive space later and finish the process for maximum security.
Hi dr1819

I think you have an excellent point. It would be a very good idea to have Eraser perform a complete pass with perhaps simply zero’s to start with and then progress later with the more secure and complex wiping.

Perhaps this could be a standard feature of all wiping methods by Eraser. Every option selected by the user should be prefixed with a basic zero wipe of all selected areas first.

I believe this would make Eraser a more secure tool for its users.

Could the developers please consider this feature and possibly include it in the next release ? How is the new version coming on anyway ?

Thank you.