Suggestions on Progress Reporting


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I have two suggestions on how DBAN could be improved, with respect to progress reporting:

  • Time Remaining: I recently wiped a hard drive thinking it would take a few hours - it ended up taking 30 hours, and my computer was unusable for nearly 2 days. I had no idea the wiping process would take so long because there is no report on how much time is remaining. I think it's absolutely imperative that the (estimated) time remaining be reported constantly.
    Percent Completed: The percent completed statistic is ambiguous - it's not clear whether the percent applies to the current round or to the wiping process as a whole. The interface should be updated to unambiguously explain that the percentage applies to the whole process.
I think DBAN is an excellent program, but these two defects really hamper its usability (and "understandability").