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How do I tell if a task completed successfully? I glanced through the FAQ but all I saw was "there may be a zero length log". This is not a very good indicator for several reasons.

1) I didn't see the FAQ until I found the forum. If the FAQ is required for normal operation it should be mentioned in the program itself.

2) Having to check a filesize on the hard drive is not a good notice. I don't even know where the log is. There should be a positive notification that the task completed without error.

Just my two cents! Thanks for this great program.
The FAQ (see my signature) definitely do tell you how to find and read the log.

That said, I agree that the present log is not satisfactory. With version 6.0.8., all you get if everything is in order is a 'task completed' message and an empty log. If you started the task from the context menu or by drag-and-drop. you don't even get that; the task (and any log that goes with it) disappears on completion. This latter behaviour is however by design, and makes sense for routine erasing.

The real problem is that Eraser 6, unlike Eraser 5 does not log actual erasing; it only logs errors, and then not always very helpfully. I hope that a future version of Eraser will improve on this. But don't expect anything to happen very soon.