super slow eraser.. anything faster?



Is there not any program that can do what eraser does but about 100 times faster. It's so slow.

I don't know anything about scure data removal but surely a program could just format a certain segment of the hard drive and that would be a lot quicker.

Any ideas?
Is there not any program that can do what eraser does but about 100 times faster. It's so slow.

How can yo say slow?I been using this Fabulous Software for nearly a year now and i daily erase image files from mistakes i make when working with different images from Art Programs, it wipes them so fast its become second nature to me.

Not even WindowWasher is as complete, in fact it shows it is Bleaching(Ho-Hum) and in a flash is done, but in reality it is only a gimmick, now ERASER you can actually SEE & HEAR it overwrite, no matter the passes.
And its not cooked my hard drive in all these many months of putting the most demanding dutied on it. Im Highly Impressed Still!

Now if you are wiping to clear up your hard drive, of course that will takes time, there is no better software more suited i've found then eraser to do all these jobs.

Like you i was skeptical in the begininng, but after you get fully used to working with it and letting it handle all the wipe & erase duties, you soon discover what a marvelous prize for us end users to be recipients of Top Quality Software for "FREE" no less. :wink:
In my experience, there is nothing faster and I've tried several different programs. I've always come back to Eraser. :D If you find that even a small file is taking a long time to erase, you may need to decrease the number of passes you're having it make or use a different scheme. "30 random" is recommended for truly secure deletion. For something like cookies and cache files, I'd say just use "3 random" passes. Or...maybe your pc is just poopy...?

The Need For Speed

Exactly newhart, i dont no how much faster one can get from an all-purpose wipe app than you get from Eraser.

I hate wiping those BMP files since they are bulkier than say a jpg or gif, but Eraser zip zaps the puppies in no time flat.

It really is in how many passes one chooses to select, if you are counting in microseconds, Eraser is as fast as they come and EFFECTIVE! i might add. :lol:
Cyberscrub is one of the few I haven't tried. Probably because it's Shareware. Appreciate the suggestion, but I think I'll stick with Eraser. Besides, speed would probably be based more on scheme and passes, then the actual program. I could be wrong. And if I can hear it working, I know it's working. I like that.

There will always be ways to make overwriting faster. Unfortunately Eraser doesn't get updated, so it will always be the same speed, it could be faster and quieter. I hate the sound.
If another program overwrites faster than Eraser, then it either uses less overwriting passes or fails to flush caches properly, thus failing to actually overwrite the data. You disk just is that slow, get used to it. Oh, I believe this is discussed in the FAQ as well.