super slow throughput



Hi there,

I am currently wiping my new inspiron laptop, and the throughput of it is super slow, like 25xxKB/s (2.5MB/s). Any thoughts?

dell inspiron 9300
pentium-m 1.6ghz
915pm (sonoma)
fuijitsu MHT2080AH 5400RPM
dban 1.0.4.

I am just doing the lowest quick 1 pass erase. dban has been wiping the hdd for an hour but so far it only complete 3% .... it's ONE pass not 8 not 35 passes...

Should I stop the wiping? Is it safe by just turning off the computer during the wiping process?

:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( this the reason?

From the FAQ:

Q: I have a new Intel motherboard. Why is DBAN slow?

A: The dban-1.0.3 release has a fix for this problem.

915PM is a pretty new model, so should I switch to 1.0.3?

I am currently at 11.56%, can I just turn off the computer while it's wiping? The harddisk is writing/reading so I suppose the answer is no, right? ...

damn...I think I need to wait for another 14 hours then
it's me again...just tried the 1.0.3 version, and the speed is still 25xxkb /s.....

Darik, please add 915PM support!!!!
I dunno if it is helpful, but I tried Autoclave(which is also linux based i think) on the other day ... continued/
It also gave me the same dreadful slow wiping speed. But then I tried to execute hdparm -X66 -d1 -u1 -m16 -c3 /dev/hda command that his faq page suggests, then the speed became much much better.