"Swap file" missinf from Eraser 5.7


New Member
The "Erase swap file" option is not listed on my Eraser 5.7 tha I have on my computer. How should I fix it? I have Windows98SE.
The help included with 5.7 says that this is an operating system feature and the option is not avaliable on Win 95, 98 or ME.
Either exit to DOS and issue these commands or add them to c:\autoexec.bat to erase the swap file on start up.

autoexec.bat said:
IF EXIST c:\win386.sys c:\progra~1\eraser\eraserd.exe -file c:\win386.sys
IF EXIST c:\windows\win386.sys c:\progra~1\eraser\eraserd.exe -file c:\windows\win386.sys
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