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Im currently running win98SE (hopefully not for much longer). I have been erasing the swapfile as follows:
I select "restart in MS-DOS" mode from the shutdown menu
I then use eraserD to erase the swapfile.

Is this sufficient to erase the swapfile? (I am NOT setting the swapfile to a specific size as it says to in the eraser help file, because Im not sure what size to set it to).
Im just wondering if I NEED to set the swapfile to a specific size before I restart in MS-DOS mode or if I can continue to erase the swapfile as I have been doing.
If the swapfile is set to a fixed size then it is safe just to erase the swapfile alone.
If you allow it to grow/shrink then when you erase not all the data may be gone. You will need to do a freespace wipe as well.

Regarding your statement, "Im currently running win98SE (hopefully not for much longer)." Don't be in too big of a hurry to give up on this version. Windows 98 has far fewer "call home" and activity monitoring abilities compared with the newer versions. Almost everything you use can be upgraded for free. The newest version of IE is a free upgrade, if that is your browser of choice, as is Java, ActiveX, Media players, etc. Windows 98 is a stable system in comparison, and easier to repair when things go wrong. Do consider giving it the resources that are normally available to XP, (large amounts of RAM, faster processor, etc.) I don't feel that my OS needs to talk to Microsoft every time I log on or make the smallest change, and 98 can be prevented from doing so fairly easily, with no performance loss. Do some checking on XPs "calling home" abilities. You may be shocked.
BTW, Most of the "improvements" to MS operating systems started as separate programs, (example, XPs firewall). The original programs were generally better, and free.
About XP and "call home"

If you run XP "out-of-the-box" you are right. But you CAN run XP in a secure fashion. I have turned off all services that "call home." You might try Black Viper's page for the list of services to shut down for your particular situation.


Also, XP-AntiSpy takes care of *most* of the "call-home" stuff.


First and foremost - SHUT OFF "Automatic Update"!!!!!!

Good Luck....
Your views

I really agree with your posts regarding the value of Windows98. And your views on Freeware being as good as or better than the paid stuff!
I use only freeware, none of it is BLOAT and I LOVE Windows 98!
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