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I understand that the Windows 98SE swapfile erasing is best done in DOS,so is it possible to include this facility in with the main program? I assume(maybe incorrectly,but you`ll get my drift),that "Spider" does this process in the bacground,but the UI is in Windows-so is a similar way possible with Eraser? I`m just a rabid fan of Eraser,but as probably patently obvious,no nil about what goes on under the hood,so forgive the stupid question!
BTW,I use Eraser mainly for housekeeping,but sometimes for privacy/security,with Opera v6.05 and Mozilla v1.2.1 plus the odd file,and find it excellent! I.E. is not to my mind, secure enough to warrant regular use,but I could not get to the second page for registering for the Eraser Forum, after accepting the Terms and Conditions,when I was using Opera- a tiny prob. poss? Many thanks!