System bogs down during freespace wipe


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I just started using Eraser yesterday and am having an annoying issue.
When wiping free space my system bogs down severely. Specifically, the mouse cursor freezes every 10 seconds or so during the entire wipe process. Even after I canceled the task and closed Eraser from the system tray Eraser.exe still shows in the task manager. I have to kill the process to be able to use the computer.
Is this normal behavior? will I always have to schedule this for the middle of the night?
Interestingly, this only happens on the system disk and not the others. The system disk has two partitions and the system runs slow when wiping both but on my other disk the wipe is much faster and there is no mouse freezing.

Running XP pro sp3 (recent clean install)
Avast antiviurs
Comdod firewall
AMD Athlon 64x2 3gig RAM, ATI RadeonHD3200
system disk is IDE
second disk is SATA
Eraser version
Free space wipe mode = one pass pseudo-random
Does your problem sound like this?
Well the problem is similar but not the same.
Problem is that now I can't duplicate it. Last week, if I ran eraser on the system partition and it nearly locked up. Then running on a non-system disk worked fine.
This was repeatable even after a reboot.
After letting eraser run overnight on the system drive until finished I can't recreate the problem. Seems to be working fine now.
I did notice that my system partition is highly fragmented. I assume that the erase process will be much slower on a fragmented drive but would it require more CPU time?
Not really. One thing I do notice however, sometimes I get system lockups using certain antivirus applications. What are you using?
Is it still happening now?
Please add the option of 'Shut Down' after finishing reoccur

Greetings Joel and Eraser Staff,

I'm disappointed that there appears to be no option to instruct Eraser ver. to Shut-Down the computer after it has completed a reoccurring scheduled task to wipe the Unused Free Space which often takes many hours. I have set Eraser to perform that task daily/weekly with different wipe methods.

I set that task to reoccur at 3:33am to mostly complete while I am sleeping. However, if it completes before I get back to that computer system the next day, there is no option to Shut Down the computer system after that task is done. Please look into adding that feature.